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As Compounding Law Passes, Split Views Persist.

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The Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA), which aims to close holes in the regulation of compounding pharmacies, was recently voted into law. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate passed the bill by a voice vote. Speaking from the Senate floor on November 12, 2013 Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) called the bill “a matter of life and death,” referring to 2012’s deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis traced back to the New England Compounding Center.

How to make a $300 drug cost $30,000

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FDA rules giving exclusive rights to one drugmaker send prices skyward

As though double-digit increases in insurance premiums weren’t enough, how about triple-digit cost inflation for drugs? It is really simple to do, and the U.S. Senate is about to do it.

If you’re a drug manufacturer, and you’d like to make 100 times more than a person would otherwise have to pay for a drug, get Congress to expand the tremendous power of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), perhaps already the most powerful anti-competitive force on the planet.